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Tyler Lizenby/CNET Robot vacuums are incredibly convenient time-savers. They sweep your floors for you. They can toil away when you're not around, or when you'd rather just lounge on the couch. Unfortunately, they aren't entirely self-sufficient. Without regular maintenance, your vacuum won't tackle its chores as well as it should. Worse, it could stop running altogether.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET This is the edited version of the XS Max's shot. I tried to get the exposure to match the 11 Pro's as close as possible. The amount of image noise, blotchiness and other artifacts makes this image completely unusable. Long story short: If you want to take nighttime photos, the iPhone 11 Pro is the way to go.

If your vacuum came with a cleaning tool in the box, use it to make quick work of any coiled strands you find. Don't be afraid to dive in and dig out debris with your fingers too. I often find the best tools for the job are your bare hands.

id="cnetReview" section="rvwBody"> For $45, the Wi-Fi-equipped Brita Infinity pitcher promises to keep track of how much water is passing through the filter. Once the filter is about spent, it'll go ahead and automatically order a replacement from Amazon that'll arrive at your doorstep just when you need it.

Brita's smart pitcher is $20 more than an identical Brita pitcher with no smarts to speak of, so the question here is whether or not that Amazon Dash integration is worth the extra 20 bucks. In theory, it's a useful bit of automation -- especially if you already buy replacement filters on the regular. In practice, it isn't all that precise, and more than anything seems designed to get people to buy new filters more often than they would out of habit alone. It certainly isn't something that anyone needs, but it might make a decent gift for a friend who's picky about filtered water.

In the US, the EPA has legally enforceable standards for all different types of pollutants in your drinking water, as well as secondary concerns that may cause skin irritation or affect your hair. Your local water supplier should produce a new Consumer Confidence Report each year, and the EPA has a public database to easily look up the most recent report for your area. You can read the report and check if there are any worrisome pollutant levels in your water, but you can also rest safe in the knowledge that if any contaminants are over their legal limit, your area will certainly be notified.

But there's been lots of particular chatter about the iPhone 11 Pro's potential to compete with professional-grade cameras (for video, too). The sweeping roads and dramatic mountains I was heading for were an ideal scene to test out the phone's new super-wide lens.

$65 at Amazon QwenchPure KDF-55 shower filter
For filtering heavy metals
QwenchPure KDF filters are made out of copper and zinc, two elements that create a small electrical-chemical charge between them. While it may seem counterintuitive to put more metal in your shower, a KDF filter is great for dissolving mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum, and even chlorine. You won't notice the electric charge in your shower, but the heavy metals sure will. This one too can be installed with any shower head, and will get rid of a lot of the hardness in your water.

$26 at Amazon Suncoo shower filter
For saving money
Suncoo If you're operating on a tight budget, this shower filter is great because it's less than $10. It mainly gets rid of chlorine but can dissolve some heavy metals as well. So if better skin and healthier hair is your main concern, it's a great choice.  And, once again, this filter fits onto any shower head you currently use.

The bottle and cap are made from BPA-free plastic and feel just as sturdy as a plastic bottle should. The filter, however, is attached to the straw by a flimsy rubber tube, which could be the culprit behind the poor filtering. The water tasted sour, but I couldn't quite place the taste -- sulfur, maybe. Even though I didn't really want to, I took a couple more sips (and also spat those out) to make sure it truly tasted the way I thought it did. 

Tyler Lizenby/CNET 4. Wipe the sensors
Dirt and dust can also confuse a robot's array of sensors. Whether your vacuum uses lidar, an optical system or basic navigation hardware, it won't run properly if it can't see or sense its surroundings. 

id="article-body" section="articleBody"> CNET considers the iPhone 11 "the best $700 iPhone Apple has ever made." This enthusiasm is largely driven by the phone's camera upgrades and the iPhone 11 Pro's triple-camera array takes that further with the addition of the 2x telephoto lens. It's why I was so excited to jump in a McLaren supercar, head for the wilds of Scotland and see what the iPhone 11 Pro camera can really do. Phone cameras across the board have made exponential strides in recent years -- Google's Pixel 4 and the OnePlus 7 Pro come to mind -- with quality surpassing what the average phone user even needs. 

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